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MooLaLa Yogurt of Merrick Long Island New York is Long Islands first self serve yogurt bar that allows customers to make custom creations with endless flavors and toppingsMoo La La Yogurt Merrick NY Frozen Yogurt Long Island self serve ice cream Suffolk County Ice Cream New York Ice Cream Custom Yogurt

About Us

Welcome to Moolala


Is it a snack, a meal or a dessert?.. At Moolala its all of the above! With 12 frozen yogurt flavors every day and an endless selection of toppings, Your creation is completely unique!

Guilt-Free Custom Yogurt


Create a delicious and healthy cup of frozen yogurt in our delightfully warm and family-friendly environment.

Choose your favorite flavor or mix them up and add as many fresh fruit and fun toppings as you wish. Moolala puts you in control of what and how much you eat. Our flavors and toppings change all the time, so each visit brings a new experience! At moolala you pay by the ounce... Just pick a cup, fill it up and weigh, pay & enjoy!

Stay Active, Stay Healthy


Non-fat, kosher certified and gluten free, our authentic yogurt contains beneficial live and active cultures & probiotics proven effective for good health and well being! So come to moolala to nourish your body and soul and JOIN THE CULTURE!

Join The Culture

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